Jul 17, 2013

Redbox New Releases - July 23rd 2013

New Movies Coming to Redbox on July 23rd

This Tuesday a new selection of recently released movies will become available at Redbox kiosks everywhere.

new movies at redbox
The Incredible Burt
We will be providing below a list of the more anticipated movies that you might find interesting in the coming weeks to rent from Redbox.

The movies available to rent at Redbox range from those that made it big in theaters, to those that never even went to theaters. And while there is good reason for some of the movies going straight to rental, other 'b-rated' films are well worth watching!

This week we see several great options for your viewing pleasure.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, with Steve Carell and Jim Carrey among others, is the comedy covering the story of magicians making it big in Las Vegas, but facing tough times in their friendships, and acts.

Two other movies that are worth recognition are Phantom, a Russian submarine movie, and Vehicle 19, an action/suspense movie that looks to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Also returning to Redbox is X-Man Origins: Wolverine. This movie came out several years ago, but it is returning to Redbox kiosks this week and is well worth watching again for anyone who may want to see it.

List of New Movies Available at Redbox on July 23rd

A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day - Starring Marc Pickering, Mark Lewis Jones, Elen Rhys, Joshua Richards, Michael Jibson - Rated R - DVD - Action

Ginger and Rosa - Starring Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Christina Hendricks, Annette Bening, Alessandro Nivola - Rated PG-13 - DVD - Drama

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Starring Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Olivia Wilde, Jim Carrey, James Gandolfini - Rated PG-13 - DVD & Blu-ray - Comedy

Love and Honor - Starring Liam Hemsworth, Austin Stowell, Teresa Palmer, Aimee Teegarden, Chris Lowell - Rated PG-13 - DVD - Drama/Action/Romance/War & Western

Phantom - Starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fichtner, Lance Henriksen, Johnathon Schaech - Rated R - DVD - Action/Suspense

Redbox new releases july 23
X-Men - Wolverine
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You - Starring Lucy Liu, Marcia Gay Harden, Toby Regbo, Stephen Lang, Peter Gallagher - Not Rated - DVD - Drama

Vehicle 19 - Starring Paul Walker, Naima Mclean, Gys de Villiers, Leyla Haidarian, Tshepo Maseko - Rated R - DVD & Blu-ray - Action/Suspense

Welcome to the Punch - Starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, Peter Mullan, David Morrissey - Rated R - DVD - Action

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Starring Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber - Rated PG-13 - DVD - Action/Sci-Fy/Fantasy

Several really good options this week where we see primarily see Action and Suspense type movies coming to Redbox. Looking for more options for your next movie night? You can see last weeks new movies at Redbox which should all still be available to rent, or you can check out the Top 10 Redbox Movies in June to see what was popular last month.

As always, visit our Redbox Codes page to grab a code for a free movie rental.

Leave a comment with your top picks from this week, and share this with others who might enjoying knowing whats coming to Redbox on July 23rd!

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